Free Coding Games to Boost Your Programming Skills
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Free Coding Games to Boost Your Programming Skills

If you are a programmer, then we know how difficult is to keep update and to learn new things. We know the struggle and noticing it we come up with free coding games which will help you to boost your programming skills. It is a fact that games are the perfect way to increase the concentration level now it will be more fun when there are coding games available. More you play more you learn.

Free Coding Games to Boost Your Programming Skills

Free Coding Games to Boost Your Programming Skills

Code Monkey

Code Monkey will boost your programming skills using CoffeeScript. It is a programming language, obviously which let you give a chance to build your very own HTML5 games. It is built for kids but when you can use it freely.

Codin Game

Can you guess the number of programming languages which you learn using Coding Game? If you have no idea, then know that it will give you a chance to learn more than 25 programming languages including PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and more. One more thing which will excite you is, you can play games with your friends. Moreover, you can also compete with players from all over the world.

CSS Diner

Want to learn CSS in a more fun way? Here is a perfect recommendation for you. CSS Diner has total 32 levels which teach you how CSS selectors actually work. No need to tell that each new level comes with challenges.

Flexbox Froggy

If you are currently learning flexbox, then we recommend you to give a try to Flexbox Froggy once. It comes with a really simple interface that will teach you how to master the flexbox just playing the game.

Flexbox Defense

Wanna boost up your flexbox knowledge some more? Here is another coding game recommendation for you. You just need to move gun towers so you can destroy enemy waves, not using a mouse but using commands, obviously.

Code Combat

Code Combat is developed for students and teachers. Here you will learn languages like JavaScript, Python, CoffeeScript, and Lua. It comes with a brief tutorial, just move the main character using commands.

Ruby Warrior

Ruby is one of the most noted languages which most of the people want to learn. If you are the one then without any delay, try Ruby Warrior. It will give you an option of choosing levels based on your skills. To play, track and keep your progress you need to login with Facebook.


Trust Untrusted without any hesitation. It is a one of the most engaging meta-JavaScript adventure game which will boost your programming skills in JavaScript. Unlike others, this is not for beginners but for coders who want to sharpen their coding knowledge by solving JavaScript skills.

Code Hunt

When it comes to teaching coding, Code Hunt has a different approach. You need to match the fragments by identifying the correct code by analyzing and modifying the code. Code Hunt is best for learning C# or Java.


Remember the show BattleBots? Build virtual robot battle tanks using.Net or Java. After building you can play with them in real time, cool, isn’t?

CheckIO and Empire of Code 

If you love strategy games then here is one of the best free coding games which will teach you Python and JavaScript. You need to save your base along with attacking others.

VIM Adventures

VIM is one of the famous and widely used text editors. If you find it difficult to use it but want to learn it, then we recommend you to learn with fun using VIM Adventures. Be prepare for Zelda like an adventure.

Cyber Dojo

Cyber-Dojo boast up with tons of challenges and exercises for PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and more. It will give you some task in which you need to finish the level by writing code which should look like the answer.

Tell us your experience with above games in the below comment box.

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