Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Are you an app developer? We have a great resource for you which will not just save your time but help you to grow as a professional app developer. Below we are mentioning top 10 cross platform mobile app development tools which you can use to build an amazing app without putting much effort.

Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

1. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a result of Apache Cordova team. It is an open source tool which is comprised of testing tools, debugger, and compiler that is especially integrated with popular web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript.

If you have heard about it then obviously you heard little about it like it is best for building simple apps.

It was somewhat true earlier, but today it was just a hoax as today PhoneGap boast with features like push plugin, image capture plugin, media recorder plugin and more.


  • Web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript are the base of PhoneGap. This allows developers to become more creative.
  • Code reusability across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Firefox OS enables businesses and developers to reduce TTM (Time-to-Market).
  • Support in-app purchase across Google Play Store, App store, and others.


  • You may face an issue if you develop high-end graphics basic apps, but you can overcome it by using 3rd party graphic acceleration solutions.

2. Appcelerator

Appcelerator is one of the best cross platform mobile app development tools which help you to build, connect, test and check the functionality of the app.

It supports JavaScript programming which can be easily used to develop cross platform apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.


  • Perfect for quick mobile app development.
  • Developers can quickly build a prototype of the app with the help of Appcelerator.
  • Deploy data models without setting anything with its special schema-less data store, ArrowDB.
  • Integrate it with existing CDS (Continuous Delivery Systems) like MDM and SCM.
  • In-built connectors for MS SQL, MS Azure, MongoDB, MS SQL, Salesforce and more.


  • Though it has many amazing features, it is also knows for laggy and buggy, but the newer version of Appcelerator is more stable. Apart from it user complaints that they have poor support from the community.

3. Xamarin

Xamarin let you apply C# universally for multiple platforms. With uses native languages, APIs and IDEs which let the developer to work more comfortably. Apart from this Git integration is integrated directly into the Xamarin Studio.


  • Xamarin has set of sample apps which helps a newbie to kickstart an app.
  • With Xamarin you can share 3/4 code across Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This will not just help you to control the development cost but also the time to market.
  • Xamarin supports quality monitoring and functionality testing across multiple ranges of the device.
  • Built in Android emulator.


  • When you are building a full-fledged app, then you may face compatibility issues with open source libraries for iOS and Android.

4. Sencha Ext JS

Want to develop a data intensive cross platform app which can leverage the hardware acceleration techniques.

If yes, then Sencha Ext JS is one of the best tools in top 10 cross platform mobile app development tools which we want to recommend to you.

Sencha Ext JS houses 115+ pre tested, high performance UI components including charts, calendar, grids and more. Because of its robust data package, this framework is ideal for giving wings to your creativity in HTML5.


  • In-built native themes for all major platforms.
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more.
  • Sencha Ext JS backend data packages work independently with various data sources.
  • It supports PhoneGap integration for native packaging and API access.


  • You can only have few choices of themes for target platforms.
  • License issue for commercial purpose.

5. MonoCross

MonoCross is one of the notable cross platform mobile app development tools which help you to work with C# and Microsoft .NET. The developer can easily retain the coding for controller, application, and model across various platforms.


  • As it supports a range of APIs MonoCross let you utilize all capability of the device.
  • MonoCross let you integrate third-party API which ultimately reduces the development time.
  • All you need .NET and C# environment to develop your apps.


6. Adobe Build

Here is another amazing cross platform mobile application development tool which works perfectly with PhoneGap or Cordova. It is a cloud based tool which helps the developers to achieve their goals without any problem.

Instead of getting sticking with multiple native softwares like iOS, Android SDK, Windows Phone SDK it helps developer to work on a focused project with the knowledge of web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Java.


  • It allows you to reuse code which help you to deal with deadlines.
  • Adobe Build let you access native APIs like geo-location, contacts, camera, etc. with few lines of JavaScript.
  • Ideal for enterprises and businesses with their strict time to market and high competition.
  • Manage your portfolio with ease.


  • Data processing speed with JavaScript is slow. Apart from this JavaScript doesn’t support multi-thread which make it slow. Poor accessibility of native functions.

7. Kony AppPlatform

Kony AppPlatform is a low-code app development framework which is one of the first priority of enterprises. Developers with knowledge of JavaScript can easily create cross platform apps.

One of the amazing features of Kony AppPlatform is its drag and drop feature. Above this, they can easily cross check and review the API connectivity. This helps it to boost the development process.


  • Kony AppPlatform is loaded with the pre-built app or sample app. It helps the beginners to learn how it works.
  • A wide range of backend systems.
  • Kony AppPlatform has powerfully visualized to validate multi-level JavaScript APIs.


  • The support and documentation available is not enough which make it hard to understand especially for beginners.

8. Convertigo

The Convertigo market itself as a powerful mobile backend as a (MBaaS) service platform which offer products like Convertigo Cloud, Convertigo Studio, Convertigo Mobilizer, and Convertigo Server that ease app development process.


  • Convertigo allows you to build apps in offline mode with its Fullsync data replication technology.
  • You can establish connectivity with dispersed enterprise using web services or SQL databases.
  • You can integrate Cordova plugin which helps you to use features like sensors, GPS, camera and more.
  • Convertigo push notifications works standby mode.


  • Convertigo comes with 3 different plan, Talking about free plan then it comes with community support, but you can’t use FulSync offline data support.

9. NativeScript

  • NativeScript is an open source platform which helps you to build cross platform app with the help of native UI for iOS and Android using TypeScript, Angular or JavaScript.
  • It let you use any JavaScript library.
  • Apps have direct access to APIs which let you access all development libraries.
  • It comes with cross-platform Declarative UI which allows you to implement your build UI across various platforms.


  • Multi-threading is one of the common issues in NativeScript which hopefully they will fix in an upcoming release. Apart from it, NativeScript is lacking in documentation.

10. RhoMobile Suite

RhoMobile Suite is powered by Rhodes. It is an open source framework which comes with a set of tools which are essential to building data-centric enterprise level apps.

It apps support wide range of OS like Android, Windows Mobile, Windows 10, Windows Desktop, Windows Phone and more.


  • Comes with powerful data encryption feature.
  • Automatic synchronization with using Objection Relational Mapper.
  • Offline data accessibility.


  • It doesn’t allow you to use RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.

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