Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

Are you a mobile app developer? If yes then surely you need multiple tools which will help you to save your time and money. In this maybe you are using mobile app testing tools too, right? Now tell us, are you using any selected tool? If yes then maybe you are missing a lot. Here have a look at top 10 mobile app testing tools which will not just give you more scalability but help you to meet regular challenges effectively.

Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools


Appium is an open source tool for automating hybrid, native application on Android and iOS platform along with mobile web.

Appium uses WebDriver interface to run the test. It supports Java, C#, Java and other programming languages which belong to WebDriver library.

Testers can easily test native apps that are written in iOS and Android SDKs. This tool also allows you to reuse the source code amongst iOS and Android.


Robotium is an another open source mobile app testing tool which let you test Android’s all version and sub versions.

It will test all native and hybrid Android apps. The tests of Robotium are written in Java. Using Robotium you can easily write powerful automatic black box test cases for Android apps.

It will also create solid test cases and automate multiple Android activities that too in minimal time.


MonkeyRunner is specially curate for the testing of apps and devices at the functional/framework level.

MonkeyRunner has amazing set of features for instance regression testing, multiple device control, functional testing and extensible automation to test Android hardware and apps.

MonkeyRunner tests are written Python. The best thing about this tool is you don’t need to make any changes in source code to automate the testing.

UI Automator

UI Automator is great for testing the user interface of an app. It creates functional Android UI test cases. Know that it is one of the best Google products which recently expanded by company.

UI Automator works perfectly with Android v4.1 and above. Earlier testers need to use third party testing tool which is now an old thing.

Moreover UI Automator can easily lock and unlock the smartphone or tablet.


Selendroid is considered one of the top test automation software. Selendroid tests the user interface of Andorid apps based on native and hybrid mobile web and applications.

Client based API tests were written using Selendroid 2. If you are looking for something which you can use to plug in hardware devices then this will help you. Want more?

Selendroid is able to interact with multiple Android devices simultaneously. Moreover Selendroid supports JSON wire protocol.


Don’t confuse with the name. MoneyTalk automate the function testing of iOS and Android apps. If you are a non technical person then still you can use this tool without any problems as it will not require and technical knowledge.

In short it is fairly easy to use MoneyTalk. Testers can also create HTML and XML report using MoneyTalk. One of the best feature of this tool is ability to take screenshots whenever something wrong happens. MoneyTalk supports network devices, tethered, emulators.


Testdroid is a cloud based program which is especially designed for mobile app testing which help the developer to save development cost, improve time to market and eliminate unpredictable operational cost.

Testdroid is one of the best place to test your Android, iOS that are have different HW platforms, OS version and screen resolutions. Testdroid minimize the risk of real device testing, moreover it also improve the user number with ratings and review.


Calabash works efficiently with Ruby, Java, .Net, Flex and programming languages. It tests hybrid and native mobile apps. Programmers can use API which can help the native apps to run on touchscreen devices.

Calabash has prebuilt code libraries which let one to test code to intract with native and hybrid apps systematically. Calabash also supports Cucumber framework.


Till now you have know only Android mobile app testing tools. In this if you are looking for a dedicated testing tool for iOS then here it is. Frank is a dedicated iOS software and application tester.

The framework combines Cucumber and JSON. Frank is integrated with “Symbiote” which is an app inspector, it let the developers to track the information about running app.

Frank is most suitable for emulators and web based apps as it easily integrated with CI and run the tests on simulators and devices.

SeeTest Automation

SeeTest Automation is a cross platform mobile app testing tools. It let you run the same scripts on various devices. SeeTest Automation also allows you to run tests on devices simultaneously. No need to

say that it can easily handle the testing of mobile and website apps. It supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Blackberry. The notable features of SeeTest Automation are Phone testing, browser testing, battery testing and more.

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