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Top Tech Skills That Don’t Require Coding Skills

If you hate coding or coding is not a cup of your tea, but you still want to be in IT industry, then we have some very good recommendation for you. You know some but not all. There are multiple things which you can opt without coding skills. We recommend you to do a deep research which you like from below after all you are going to follow it for a lifetime. If not then still give yourself a good time to think. So without any wasting, much time here are top tech skills that don’t require coding skills.

Top Tech Skills That Don’t Require Coding Skills

Top Tech Skills That Don’t Require Coding Skills

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is one of the coolest jobs in IT industry. According to the HBR Data Science is the “Sexiest career of the century.” Data analysis can help me many types depends on the need.

Data analysis is all about analyzing data as it name clears. It is done with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, MS Excel, CRM and other dedicated software. If you love enjoyed statistics, math like the subject in school then this is the one you can opt for.

Software Testing

Software testing is another tech skill which doesn’t require coding skills. Most of us thought that software testing needs coding skill, but it doesn’t. It is a plus point if you know coding, but there are multiple companies who are hiring people to test things manually. The main role of yours is to test the application or software to catch problems or bugs.

Technical Support

Technical support or you can say a call center. Now don’t run away after hearing a call center word. Technical support is one of the important parts of any organization.

It is a field where a simple knowledge of technology is enough. The best part of this job is it is not like the one where you need to pick or make thousands of calls or reply to messages in a day.

Rapid Prototyping

UX/UI sub-specialization is all about wire-framing applications quickly. Rapid prototyping allows you to play with a various design for application or website. You can also add feedback to get most of the final product.

Generally, Rapid Prototyping has input from the tester, stakeholders, developers, etc. Moreover, users can also participate, most probably the clients for whom the product is made.

Top Tech Skills That Don’t Require Coding Skills

Command of Adobe Products

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop-like tools help you to wireframe sites, social media graphics, make blog graphics and more. You are considered as a pro when you have knowledge of such kind of designing.

It is a field where you don’t need any technical skill to show. You can also scale your field by going to marketing or writing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps the site to rank better in search result pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO changes constantly. SEO is too vast, and mastering is not so easy because unlike other it changes frequently.

It depends on how you study competitors, how to implement your strategy and more. In recent time SEO strategist gain more attention as everyone wants to rank their site in the first position.

Growth Hacking

Here hacking doesn’t mean that you need to work on 2-3 systems simultaneously and hack any site. Growth hacking is one of the future and most asked services which business are looking for.

Growth hacking is all about mixing the web analytics with digital marketing and help the brand grow rapidly. For growth hacking, you need to learn things like A/B testing, SEO, viral advertising, social media, etc. More part you know more you will be appreciated.

So these are the skills which don’t need any technical skills. Don’t forget to tell us which field you are going to choose and why. Meanwhile, share this article with your friends who are confused.

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