Web Design Tips for small businesses

The difference between the successes of old stores that our parents or neighbors had, and the successes of small businesses today have to do with technology. Business owners who have no knowledge or misuse it, are condemned to the death of their virtual business. For this reason, we can not miss any detail of our business, whether large or small, to communicate our brand to a potential customer on the web. As important as the mobile revolution (around 1 out of 8 pages seen on the Internet are from mobile phones) and the rise of social networks have redefined the way we do business and communicate. These are still only small elements of a general business plan that you have to keep in mind on a company’s website.

Today, small businesses live or die because of the quality of their site. Although not everyone can be a virtuoso of web design, it is still essential to design a site within a business vision and optimized for modern Internet consumers.

These are some of the principles that any small business owner can adhere to, in order to help elevate your website and not sink it.


Give up the Flash:

Many of those who are creating a business website for the first time, are tempted by the elegant offers of animations in Flash and ask web designers to use this application. While it is a natural inclination to believe that mobile images and polished graphics will bring more web traffic, the truth is that the use of Flash often gives more problems than traffic.

The clearest example of the inefficiency of the Flash is that a certain page, animations can take a long time to load. The research conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group states that most Internet users leave a page between 15-20 seconds. Now knowing this, do customers really want to lose 8 to 12 seconds of their precious time waiting to load a flash animation? Video Flash is now completely obsolete thanks to platforms like YouTube. Business owners who include videos on their website can easily link their YouTube account where visitors will have quick access to all content.

Being Minimalist:

Many small business owners want a large number of visitors to their site with as many media and content as humanly possible, thinking that somehow they will draw attention. Most designers are happy to do so, since it does not take much work to fill a page with superfluous content. Those who believe that this is an appropriate way to do it should look to Apple, which shines in the modern industry of the United States. They are a good example of how to work and improve the use of additional space.

Keep in mind that when Apple releases a new product on your website, it is always a minimalist design: white background, black text and maybe an image or two as much. This not only serves to put all the attention on the product in question, it also gives the viewer something more to focus on the product.

The logo is of the utmost importance

The design of the site, as well as its appearance and functionality are of crucial importance. But, above all, what our customers will remember about us is the logo. The owner of a business should not spare expenses in the creation of the logo, and this should take into account every detail until it is perfect. Because an effective logo incorporates all the aforementioned principles, from an appropriate use of color for design to a minimalist presentation.


Of course, in the broad world of web design, these are just a few points to consider. A business owner should not only focus on the aspect that your website can have, as the success of a site depends on more factors, but if it is true that design plays an important role in the architecture of the business to carry the brand to the maximum number of clients.

In this way, the owner of a company can mix his business astuteness along with creativity to design a site worthy of his organization.